Religion in India: A Historical Introduction

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In his introduction to the history of lived religion in India, Clothey will emphasize the importance of ritual, local mythology, and historical context for the beginning student's understanding of religious belief and practice. Clothey's attention to the cultural production of religious movements and to the interactions between movements over time reflects his engagement with some of the liveliest conversations in the field of religious studies. There is currently no book on Indian religion that presents new trends in the study of regional religious movements in a way that is accessible to beginning students. This book will fill that gap.


1. On Wearing Good Lenses 2. Sources of Indian Religion 3. The Early Urban Period 4. The Urban Period 5. The Post-classical Period 6. The Coming of Islam 7. Developments in Late Medieval India 8. Streams from the West and their Aftermath 9. Religion in Contemporary India 10. Global Reach


University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA


'What sets this book apart is (a) the emphasis on the arts, (b) discussion of rituals at various points in the narrative, and (c) its attention to the other [non-Hindu] religions of India and, to some extent, their interaction. This promises to be the best introduction to date on the religion of India.'" - Vasudha Narayanan, University of Florida, USA" 'Clothey's purpose is worthy and necessary. At present there is no complete textbook for undergraduates on the religions of India.'" - Rick Jarow, Vassar College, New York, USA" 'This is an extremely worthwhile endeavor, and it should produce a book for which there is considerable need. The endeavor is also, of course, an extremely ambitious one, especially the goal of combining accessibility and contextual richness. But, from what I have read, it seems likely that Clothey's book will go far toward achieving this goal.'" - Anne Feldhaus, Arizona State University, USA"
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