Win-Win Negotiating: Turning Conflict Into Agreement

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In this conversation with his co-author, Paul Gillette, Dr. Jandt tells you how to use the same negotiating techniques and tactics used by people whose job is managing conflict--labor negotiators, diplomats and corporate managers. Get what you want and win allies, with win-win'' negotiating techniques. Here are the same methods used by people whose jobs are managing conflict--labor negotiators, diplomats, and top corporate managers--and how to put them to work for you in everyday business situations.


I Want, You Want: Or the Sicilian Stalemate and How to Avoid It. Hou do you Deal with Conflict?. Beyond Evil and Illness: Old and New Ideas about Conflict within Organizations. Why Conflict Is Inevitable within Organizations. One is Not Enough: Or Identifying the Sources of Conflict. On the Escalator: Or How Small Conflicts Quickly Become Large Ones. Destructive and Productive Uses of Conflict. An Exercise in Dealing with Conflict. Getting Past "Yesa a : Or the Theoretically Perfect Resolution of Any Conflict. Negotiating from Strength: Or How to Get Others to Give You Power to Resolve a Conflict. How Perfessional Negotiators Operate: Positional Bargaining versus Interest Bargaining. The Mini--Max Strategy: Or What Should I Give and What Should I Get? Determing Your Opponenta s Mini--Max. Unpacking: Or How to Find Multiple Ways to Help Your Opponents Get a Good Deal. Undoing, Tokening, Bone--Throwing, Issue Substitution, and Other Paths to Pacification. The Hardball Negotiator: Or How to Fight Dirty When You Have To. Ita s Not Always Easy, but Ita s Usually Possible. Index.
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