Introducing Interpreting Studies

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This book is the first of its type, designed to introduce students, researchers and practitioners to the relatively new, and now fast developing, discipline of Interpreting Studies.
Written by a leading researcher in the field, the book covers international conference, court and hospital interpreting in both spoken and signed languages. The book begins by tracing the evolution of the field, reviewing influential concepts, models and methodological approaches, then moves on to consider the main areas of research in interpreting, before reviewing major trends and suggesting areas for further research.
Featuring chapter summaries, guides to the main points covered and suggestions for further reading, Franz P chhacker's practical and user-friendly textbook is the definitive map of this important and growing discipline.


Introducing Introducin Part I: Foundations 1. Concepts 1.1 Conceptual roots 1.2 Interpreting defined 1.3 Settings and constellations 1.4 Typological parameters 1.5 Domains and dimensions 2. Evolution 2.1 Socio-professional underpinnings 2.2 Breaking ground: professionals and psychologists 2.3 Laying academic foundations 2.4 Renewal and new beginnings 2.5 Consolidation and integration 2.6 Interpreting studies in the twenty-first century 3. Approaches 3.1 Disciplinary perspectives 3.2 Memes of interpreting 3.3 Methodology 4. Paradigms 4.1 The notion of 'paradigm' 4.2 Forging a paradigm 4.3 Experimenting with interpreting 4.4 Aspiring to science 4.5 Broadening the view 4.6 Focusing on interaction 4.7 Unity in diversity 5. Models 5.1 On modeling 5.2 Socio-professional and institutional models 5.3 Interaction models 5.4 Processing models 5.5 Models, tests and applications Part II: Selected Topics and Research 6. Process 6.1 Bilingualism 6.2 Simultaneity 6.3 Comprehension 6.4 Memory 6.5 Production 6.6 Input variables 6.7 Strategies 7. Product and Performance 7.1 Discourse 7.2 Source-target correspondence 7.3 Effect 7.4 Role 7.5 Quality 8. Practice and profession 8.1 History 8.2 Settings 8.3 Standards 8.4 Competence 8.5 Technology 8.6 Ecology 8.7 Sociology 9. Pedagogy 9.1 Curriculum 9.2 Selection 9.3 Teaching 9.4 Assessment 9.5 Meta-level training Part III. Directions 10. Directions 10.1 Trends 10.2 Perspectives 10.3 Orientation Bibliography Internet links Index


Franz Pochhacker is is Associate Professor of Interpreting Studies in the Department of Translation and Interpreting of the University of Vienna.


'This comprehensive, structured, and accessible primer will quickly become the standard textbook around which introductory courses are organized. Moreover, as a cohesive account of this nascent field in all its breadth and diversity, this timely volume stakes a convincing claim for Interpreting Studies as an academic discipline in its own right ... eminnently user-friendly. It will be particualrly useful for instructors of introductory courses on interpreting research ... Its publications represents a major contribtution to the field of Interpreting Studies.' - International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) 'In his new book, Franz Pochhacker undertakes the task of drawing a sweeping picture of the field of interpretation. Though this is an ambitious goal, the author, who is a prominent researcher in this discipline, provides a comprehensive framework that will, on the one hand, introduce the field to novices and, on the other, review the major developments for budding researchers ... this book will undoutedly become a fixture in the recommended literature of students of interpretation around the world.' - Book Review 'The book is an ambitious, well-informed and well-researched piece of work. It not only provides an excellent introductory text to would-be interpreting scholars, but also significantly boosts the development of interpreting studies in general. It is a concrete step forward in interpreting research. We can safely say that, with the new-found momentum fuelled by the publication of such a work, interpreting studies will soon establish itself firmly as a new discipline.' - Perspectives: Studies in Translatology
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