Realism and Moralism in International Relations: Essays in Honor of "Frans A.M. Alting Von Geusau"

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Dezember 1998



Professor Frans Alting von Geusau held the chair of Professor of International Organizations at Tilburg University, and his academic career is reflected in this book. The text also looks at the cultural and moral dimensions of international relations, and views on the future of a united Europe.


Foreword; Hans van den Broek. Introduction; Editors.
1: Past, Present and Future of Europe. I. The downfall of the 'Socialist Federation of States' in Europe; L. Bartalits. 2. The Commonwealth of Independent States: the Legal and Political Re-integration of Eastern Europe; F. Feldbrugge. 3. The European Crisis: End of a Dream or Source of Renewal? F. Kinsky. 4. Nation State, Civil Society, and Moral Order in Europe; E.J. Janse de Jonge. 5. Mission Impossible? Europe's Role in Diplomacy and International Security; A. van Staden. 6. Assurance for the Insured; A. Spierings.
2: International Organizations. 7. International Law: Placebo or Medication? P.H. Kooijmans. 8. NATO and International Law: the Vocation of a Military Alliance in an Interdependent World; E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin. 9. Southeast Asian Puzzles in International Organization; J. Pelkmans.
3: Moral Issues in a Globalizing World. 10. Morality, Civil Society, and the Global Market System: the Challenge of International Economic Relations in the 21st Century; R. Carruth. 11. Managing Globalization or World Technology: Variations on a Communitarian Theme; G.C. Lodge. 12. The Rule of Law for a Uniting World: a Global Community for Sustainable Development; J. Pinder. 13. Reinhold Niebuhr revisited: Idealism, Realism, and a Moral Vision for World Politics; R.J. Bartel. 14. Competing 21st Century Threats: Scenarios and Realities; L.P. Bloomfield. 15. Rendering Justice to Victims: a Case for Reparations; T. van Boven.
4: Autonomy, Religion, and Multiculturalism. 16. Residual Powers in Cases of Autonomy; R. Lapidoth. 17. Jerusalem, City in Need of a Special Legal Regime? W.J.M. van Genugten. 18. Religion and Violence; Bishop H.C.A. Ernst. 19. Beyond Pragmatism. Friendship as a Transnational Resource; J.X. Evans. 20. The Czech Story of American Literature; J. Jarub. 21. Realism and Moralism in Mass Communications: the British Mode; G. Wedell. 22. A Close Colleague and a Good Friend. Life and Work of Frans Alting von Geusau: a Personal Reflection; H. Bosman. List of Contributors. Publications of Frans Alting von Geusau.
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