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This volume focuses on theory and research which lends insight into how emotions are distributed, experienced and structured within five broadly conceived institutional areas. These are: medical and health care; family; work and leisure; education; and clinical/counselling. The text seeks to offer the student of social psychology, developmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and cognitive anthropology insight into the role that emotional experience plays in understanding society and culture at the close of the 20th century. The volumes in this series illustrate how social organization and private, emotional experience are different phases of the social process. They show the steps by which emotional experience is shaped by social structural, macro-level processes.


Part 1 Emotion, relationships and the therapeutic context: love and liking in the attraction and maintenance phases of long-term relationships, Theodore Kemper, Murial Reid; emotion, coping and therapeutic ideologies, Linda Francis; guilt and shame - problematic emotions in grief counselling, Sarah Brabant; both friend and stranger - how crisis build and manage unpersonal relationships with clients, Lynn Cerys Jones. Part 2 Emotions in medical encounters: physician treatment of patient motions - an application of the sociology of emotion, Vaugh A. DeCoster; laughter in triadic geriatric medical encounter - a transcript-based analysis, Patricia Baker et al. Part 3 Emotional experience and emotion management in organizations: the struggle for reason - the sociology of emotions in organizations, Donald Gibson; generating excitement - experienced emotion in commercial leisure, Lori Holyfield; gender, job and emotional labour in a complex organization, Karen Pugliesi, Scott L. Shook; for love or money? work and emotional labour in a social movement organization, Deborah A. Smith. Part 4 Applying emotion in the classroom: motivating students - emotions and community.
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