The Alabama, British Neutrality, and the American Civil War

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November 2004



When Frank J. Merli died in December 2000, he left many manuscriptsrelated to Great Britain and the American Civil War. At the request of Merli'swidow, David M. Fahey has edited this volume for publication. It offers a spiritedcritique of the way historians have presented the international dimension of theAmerican Civil War. The book offers a fresh account of the escape of the CSS Alabamafrom British territorial waters in 1862, the decision of its captain, RaphaelSemmes, to fight a Union gunboat off the coast of France in 1864, and the curiousstory of a British-built Chinese flotilla that could have become a small Confederatefleet had negotiations with the Chinese not broken down. The book will appeal tonaval and diplomatic historians and to all Civil War buffs.


1. The International Dimension of the American Civil War 2. Toward the CSS Alabama 3. The Law of the Alabama 4. E. D. Adams, Roundell Palmer, and the Escape of the Alabama 5. Captain Butcher's Memoir of the Alabama's EscapeEdited with Renata Eley Long 6. Raphael Semmes and the Challenge at Cherbourg 7. The Confederacy's Chinese Fleet, 1861-1867


Frank J. Merli (1929 2000) was Professor of History at Queens College in the City University of New York. At the time of his death he was writing what amounted to a multi-volume sequel to Great Britain and the Confederate Navy, 1861 1865, portions of which are published under the title The Alabama, British Neutrality, and the American Civil War (Indiana University Press 2004).David M. Fahey is Professor of History at Miami University of Ohio and author of Temperance and Racism: John Bull, Johnny Reb, and the Good Templars and co-editor of Alcohol and Temperance in Modern History: An International Encyclopedia. He lives in Oxford, Ohio."


.".. intriguing... Merli's depth of understanding of the British ForeignOffice gives the reader real, and for the first time, an accurate chronology andinformation about the Alabama affair..." -- Net November 2006
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