Lipid Glossary 2

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Lipid Glossary 2 is a handy reference for a wide range of lipid scientists and technologists, as well as for those involved in the trading of these materials.


Frank D. Gunstone, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Dundee, Scotland. Bengt G. Herslof, Scotia LipidTechnik AB, Stockholm, Sweden.


"The entries are well-written in a lucid and concise style. There is a comprehensive compilation of most common and unusual fatty acids illustrated with well drawn chemical structures. The book provides a good documentation of standard and some unusual organic reactions of fatty acids and triacylglycerols. The book is reasonably priced and is highly recommended as a standard reference for lipid scientists and technologists."
-Journal of Food Biochemistry
..".an essential reference book for all lipid scientists, technologists and traders. ...every lipidologist should have one on or near their desk! As would be expected, the definitions are concise and comprehensible, clearly set out and cross-referenced where appropriate."
-Food Science and Technology Today
"'Lipid Glossary 2' is recommended as a very useful and affordable reference book. ...'Lipid Glossary 2' was developed from the original, published in 1992 and sold out, and is so much expanded that it is virtually a new book. ...The two authors are profoundly learned in the field and have assembled 1200 terms for definition. Entries range from one-liners to half a page or more. ...Wherever necessary, cross-references are given in italics and if they are followed through they lead to a fuller understanding of the term."
-Chemistry and Industry
..".you can't fail to be impressed with the new version, 'Lipid Glossary 2'. ....within its terms of reference this book is now nothing less than an excellent desktop companion. should be a first port of call for anybody wanting to find out - or refresh their memory about - the meaning of a term they come across in the oils and fats industry."
-Oils and Fats Today
"All those who have read 'A Lipid Glossary' will be impressed by "Lipid Glossary 2." One major feature of this book is that many of the entries are accompanied by key references that are easily accessible from books and journals. The cross references are well organizede
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