Britain, the Six-Day War and Its Aftermath

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Mai 2005



Britain's reputation in the Middle East was reduced to shreds by the Suez fiasco in 1956. Recovery was imminent--only to be shattered by the Six-Day War in 1967, a pivotal period in Israeli-Palestinian relations and in the history of the region and its contacts with the West. The "Big Lie"--alleged British-American collusion with Israel--was a potent factor. "The Six-Day War and its Aftermath" is essentially an insider's account that refutes the "Big Lie" and traces British policy of strict impartiality and the pursuit of economic and political objectives in a turbulent region--vitally important to the West today.


Frank Brenchley spent most of his career, from World War II to the 1980s, as a British diplomat dealing with Middle East issues in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and was at the centre of policy-making during the Six-Day War.


'This is a significant addition to the history of a critical phase in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Its complexities are explained with enviable clarity and precision.' - Asian Affairs
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