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Ornithology approaches its subject from a biological and evolutionary perspective. A comprehensive and balanced synthesis of the extensive research in the field, it provides the reader with thorough coverage of the form, function and behaviour of birds and an understanding of the field's broader implications. An outstanding attribute of Ornithology is its clear and inviting writing style, as well as its exquisite drawings and photographs. The third edition has been thoroughly revised to reflect the latest advances in the field.


Origins The Diversity of Birds Origins Systematics Form and Function Feathers Flight Physiology Feeding Behavior and Communication Brains and Senses Visual Communication Vocal Communication Behavior and The Environment The Annual Cycle Migration Navigation Social Behavior Reproduction and Development Reproduction Nests and Incubation Mates Growth and Development Parental Care Populations Demography Populations Species Communities Conservation


FRANK B. GILL, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
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Untertitel: 3 Rev ed. 440 illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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