The History of Development of Building Construction in Chicago

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Oktober 1999



Long regarded as the definitive catalog of Chicago architecture, The History of the Development of Building Construction in Chicago is a treasure trove of architectural and engineering information about buildings in Chicago's central business and residential district. This edition is updated with information about fifty additional buildings from the time frame of the original text, 1830 -- 1949; new data for four hundred buildings from the period 1950 -- 98; and a number of additional plates from the rare Rand McNally Views of Chicago.


"[This] long-needed revised and expanded edition ... will be received with relief and gratitude... The inclusion of almost every building makes the compilation truly useful... A unique book for a unique place." -- Theodore W. Hild, Journal of Illinois History ADVANCE PRAISE "Great news: the single most useful book on the evolution of Chicago's built environment has been brought up to date!"-Perry R. Duis, author of Challenging Chicago: Coping with Everyday Life, 1837-1920 "For almost half a century students of urban architecture have religiously consulted Frank Randall's unique History as the 'Bible' on Chicago's built environment. Now his son John Randall has faithfully answered their prayers for a revised, enlarged, and updated edition of the standard by which all other Chicago architectural guides are judged. This carefully researched and practically organized listing of Chicago's most important buildings is essential for every personal or public library concerned with the history of architecture or building construction in this country."-Larry Viskochil, Chicago Historical Society
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