The Spanish Civil War

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September 2005



The Spanish Civil War was more than a fratricidal struggle. Nobody could have predicted in July 1936 that a failed military coup could give way to three years of vicious conflict, transcending national barriers and arousing passions and divisions throughout Europe. In one form or another, all the great powers were involved in the affair. Yet it was the appeal to common people which surrounded the war in Spain with special nostalgia and romanticism. Seen by many as the first opportunity to defend democracy and prevent the growth of Fascism, the Spanish Civil War became the 'last great cause' - an almost epic struggle in which thousands of men and women went to fight as volunteers in, what was for many, a distant and unknown country. The Spanish Civil War - provides a comprehensive and thorough analysis of this fascinating and complex subject - examines the social and political polarisation of both the Bourbon Monarchy (1874-1931) and the Second Republic (1931-1936) - offers an original and gripping account of the political, social and military impact of the conflict on the two warring Spains - explores the crucial international dimension of the war - considers the legacy which was ensured by the establishment of a dictatorship whose primary objective was the persecution and punishment of the vanquished. Clear and concise, this is the essential guide to one of the most terrible wars of the twentieth century.


Preface.- Acknowledgements.- List of Abbreviations.- Maps.- The Painful Road to Modernity.- The Second Republic (1931-1936): A Brief Essay in Democracy.- The Distorting Mirror: The International Dimension of the Spanish Civil War.- Apocalypse in 1936 Spain.- Breaking the Stalemate (December 1936 March 1938).- The Republic's Defeat (March 1938 March 1939): Chronicle of a Death Foretold?.- Epilogue: The Legacy of the Spanish Civil War.- Select Bibliography.- Index.


Francisco J. Romero Salvadó


'A lively and engaging study.' - George Esenwein, University of Florida, USA
'One of the most readable narrative accounts of the Spanish Second Republic, and its decline into civil war, currently available.' - Michael Richards, University of the West of England, UK
'Romero Salvadó has produced an up-to-date analytical account, told chronologically, in order to guide the reader towards a clearer understanding of complex historical events...a clear, concise and highly readable account of the Civil War that is bound to be of value to students and general readers alike.' - The British Bulletin of Publications on Latin America, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain
'For all its clarity, conciseness, the breadth of its sources (including some primary ones) and the author's clear command of these, The Spanish Civil War is highly recommendable to readers of all levels of familiaritiy with the Spanish conflict.' - Gerald Blaney, Jr., Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade
'The Spanish Civil War demonstrates the qualities that are the hallmarks of a good general history. It packs a welter of precise detail, densely presented, into a narrative in which the authorial voice is strong but never simply tracks the inevitable.' - Judith Keene, Journal of Contemporary History
'The author shows a total mastery of the subject....the outcome is an engaging, serious, alluring and, above all, necessary work.' - Miguel Ángel del Arco Blanco, Historia Contemporánea
'a very competent synthetic account that is soundly based on recent historiography.' - Mary Vincent, H-Soz-u-Kult
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