Analysis and Design of MOSFETs

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September 1998



Analysis and Design of MOSFETs: Modeling, Simulation, and Parameter Extraction is the first book devoted entirely to a broad spectrum of analysis and design issues related to the semiconductor device called metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET). These issues include MOSFET device physics, modeling, numerical simulation, and parameter extraction. The discussion of the application of device simulation to the extraction of MOSFET parameters, such as the threshold voltage, effective channel lengths, and series resistances, is of particular interest to all readers and provides a valuable learning and reference tool for students, researchers and engineers. Analysis and Design of MOSFETs: Modeling, Simulation, and Parameter Extraction, extensively referenced, and containing more than 180 illustrations, is an innovative and integral new book on MOSFETs design technology.


Preface. 1. MOSFET Physics and Modeling. 2. MOSFET Simulation Using Device Simulator. 3. Extraction of the Threshold Voltage of MOSFETs. 4. Methods for Extracting the Effective Channel Length of MOSFETs. 5. Extraction of the Drain and Source Series Resistances of MOSFETs. 6. Parameter Extraction of Lightly-Doped Drain (LDD) MOSFETs. Appendices. A. Physical Constants and Unit Conversions. B. Properties of Germanium, Silicon, and Gallium Arsenide (at 300 K). C. Properties of SiO2 and Si3N4 (at 300 K). D. Derivation of the Integral Function and its Applications to Parameter Extraction. Subject Index. About the Authors.
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