Discovering Stage Lighting

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September 1998



This guide to the fundamentals of stage lighting includes a series of projects to allow experimentation, discussion and analysis. The necessary equipment is described in relation to its purpose, along with checklists and hints for practical use.
The practical handling of light, with observation of the relationship of cause to effect, is central to the study of stage lighting. Rehearsal pressures usually restrict the time available for experimenting with lighting for a performance, but laboratory-style projects can be used to enable specific lighting problems to be solved.
The core of this book is a series of 'discovery' projects using minimal resources, to explore the use of light in the theatre, with particular emphasis on the interaction of conflicting visual aims. The projects cover all the major scenarios likely to be encountered by lighting students and have been tried and tested by the author, who has taught lighting students all over the world for over 30 years.
The book has been updated to include more on safety and the latest technology including:
- fixed instruments using the new lower wattage high efficiency lamps in combination with dichronic reflectors
- an increase in the availability, reliability, range and usage of 'moving light' technology based on remotely controlled instruments.
New lighting projects have also been added.
If you are studying the art and craft of stage lighting this book is an excellent working manual that will provide you with the technical knowledge and skill to cope with a range of lighting situations.
*Includes a series of projects to allow experimentation, discussion and analysis
*Provides checklists and hints forpractical use
*Now fully updated to include the latest technology


PART ONE: FUNDAMENTALS * Discovering Light * Discovering Lighting Equipment * Lighting Safely * The Lighting Process * Analysing Lighting Process * PART TWO: PROJECTS * Introduction to the Projects * 1- Objects and Actors 2- Covering Smoothly * 3- Selecting Space * 4- Creating Space * 5-Cool, Neutral or Warm * 6-Atmospheric Space * 7- Musical Space * 8-Areas and Atmospheres * 9-The Magic of Gauze* 10- Non-Orthodox Minimalism * 11-Figaro's Garden * 12- Macbeth's Witches * 13- Tape and Light * 14- The Twenty Spot Opera House * A Traverse Stage * Light and Life * Light as Language * Glossary * Further Reading
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