Joseph H.Lewis

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The first full-length account of the life and work of Joseph H. Lewis, the noted director of films such as My Name is Julia Ross (1945) and The Halliday Brand (1957).


Francis M. Nevins is Professor of Law, St. Louis University School of Law.

Pressestimmen affectionate, informative tribute to this undersung auteur...a brief but enjoyable read with solid research value for fans of some of the best of classic television and, of course, Lewis aficionados. Bright Lights Film Journal Interesting reading about a man who always put extra effort into his work and left a legacy of some of the most visual B-westerns and TV shows ever made. Western Clippings
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Untertitel: Overview, Interview and Filmography. 'The Scarecrow Filmmakers Series'. illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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