International Librarianship: Cooperation and Collaboration

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August 2001



This compilation is no mere collection of papers, but a well-edited collage of experiences in the transfer of library technical information, usually between developed and developing countries.


Part 1 The Bibliotheca Alexandrina Part 2 The School Library Manifesto Part 3 IFLA UNESCO SCHOOL LIBRARY MANIFESTO Advancement of Librarianship through IFLA Part 4 A Publishing Phenomenon: Robert Maxwell at Pergamon Press Part 5 An Ibero-American Network Part 6 Aquatic Library and Information Networks Part 7 International Cultural Exchange through Libraries Part 8 Cooperation on an International Scale Part 9 International Cooperation Part 10 Library Building Design Part 11 MARCing Time, an International Pressure Part 12 MARCing Time Part 13 IRANMARC Part 14 The University of Sao Paulo Integrated Library System Part 15 The Standardization of the Chinese Bibliography Part 16 Resources and Regional Responsibilities Part 17 A Parliamentary Library in Transition Part 18 Transfer of Knowledge on Public Health Part 19 EU in the USA Part 20 University Libraries in West Africa Part 21 Information Transfer into Information Services Part 22 Experiences of International Collaboration Part 23 The American Approach Part 24 Information to Communal Contexts Part 25 Education for the Profession Public Libraries in Nigeria Part 26 International Aspects in Indonesia Part 27 Library Education in Japan Part 28 Librarianship in Iran since 1979 Part 29 Assistance for Pakistan Librarianship Part 30 International Influences in Thailand Part 31 New Models of Learning Part 32 Distinguished International Achievers Two Eras; Two Influences Part 33 Library Service by the Book Part 34 The Idea of Marketing: A First-Person Account


John F. Harvey and Frances Laverne Carroll are well-known library internationalists who have published previously in this field.


Readers interested in international librarianship will find invaluable historical information from the past fifty years. Medical Reference Services Quarterly This collage of experiences in international librarianship presents the many diverse issues in this specialization, its origin and history, and its present situation, and role in the global community...ideal for graduate library science students and educators and librarians. Catholic Library World International Librarianship should be part of the collection in every institution that teaches any level of library and/or information studies and in the special libraries of organizations that are involved in overseas work...This book provides interesting tidbits of information in addition to the topic of cooperation and collaboration...Definitely a worthwhile purchase. Technicalities This book is highly recommended for academic libraries of all kinds and for professionals who want a good read. Library and Information Science Research ...teachers of international and comparative librarianship, as well as others concerned with the library scene overseas, will welcome it warmly. Library Quarterly ...There is much here to reward the patient and discriminating reader. Information Development Overall, the contents of this work offer diverse examples of international cooperation and collaboration in librarianship and the transfer of information on librarianship primarilly...from the Anglo-American traditions and practices to other parts of the globe. This wide geographic distribution of examples is the book's strength...This title would be most beneficial for a collection used by library school students and faculty... -- Kristen Kern Middle East Librarians Association
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