Myth and Reality in the Contemporary Islamist Movement

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Mai 2005



An important critique from a Marxist perspective of the Islamic movement. An insider's response to Islamist ideology.


Editor's Introduction; Part One: Secularism, The Gulf States, And Islam; Chapter One: The Contemporary Muslim and the Search for Certitude; Chapter Two: Secularism: A Civilizational Requirement; Chapter Three: Critiques of Secularism; Chapter Four: Islam and Religious Hierarchy; Chapter Five: Petro-Islam; Chapter Six: The Contemporary World According to Shaykh Sha'rawi; Part Two: In Debate With Hassan Hanafi; Chapter Seven: The Future of Islamic fundamentalism; Chapter Eight: The Evaluation of the Discourse of the Contemporary Islamist; Movements; Chapter Nine: Islamic Fundamentalism and the Verdict of History; Part Three: On The Implementation Of Shari'ah; Chapter Ten: An Invitation to Dialogue; Chapter Eleven: The July Revolution and the Islamic Groups; Chapter Twelve: The Implementation of Shari'ah: An Attempt at Comprehension; Chapter Thirteen: The Implementation of Shari'ah: A New Dialogue; Select Bibliography in Contemporary Arab Thought; Index


Fouad Zakariyya is a former professor of Philosophy at Cairo University and a well-known Egyptian philosopher and a leading Arab intellectual. Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi' is the holder of the Edmonton Council of Muslim Communities Chair of Islamic Studies at the University of Alberta. His many books include Intellectual Origins of Islamic Resurgence in the Modern Arab World (1996), Islam at the Crossroads (2003), The Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought (2006), and Contemporary Arab Thought (Pluto Press, 2005).


Fouad Zakariyya is a former professor of philosophy at Cairo University, and the present work was written in the wake of the Iranian revolution in 1979, and the assassination of Anwar Sadat in 1981. Its subject matter is the confrontation between Islamism and secularism in the Muslim world. Professor Zakariyya concludes: 'Contrary to the claims of its critics, secularism is not the product of a peculiar society in a specific phase of its evolution, but is a necessary requirement for any society threatened by the oppression of tyrannical and authoritarian modes of thinking, in which millions of people are subjected to a systematic campaign to rob them of their ability to question, criticise, and think about the future. -- David Hall, New Humanist
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