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Subservience of children's rights in media coverage is rampant. This publication highlights a study that was carried out because of the negligence the author observed in the media society regarding children issues reporting and coverage of stories. The Research was of the view that the media, as a change agent has the capacity to force attention on the Subservience of Children rights. Mass media have become inextricably linked with development. They are the widest and fastest means, and the main organ of mass enlightening and entertainment. Today the media highlights several stories on children issues. Their content however seems to disregard children's rights as part of the story. This study would serve as a guide to both media and media institutions in bringing about awareness to the wider public in Kenya that there are laws and convention reports that guide journalists on how to write children stories with a professional code of conduct.


Florence Wanguba Mmbwanga is a Lecturer in Communications and an expert in English & Literature with vast experience in teaching. Having been severally involved in publishing, she has also authored 'Quick Reading English' and 'Excel in English'.She is a holder of B.Ed, M.A in Communication studies and is currently pursuing a PHD in Communication.
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Untertitel: Subservience of Childrens' Rights in Media Coverage in Kenya. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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