Noko's Surprise Party

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April 2008



It's Noko's birthday and Takadu is organizing a surprise fig party for his porcupine pal. All the animals are invited -- Mrs. Warthog, Bat-eared Fox, Vervet Monkey, Guineafowl, and Pangolin. All, that is, except Hyena, whose manners are simply too disgusting. But when jealous Hyena steals all the figs that Takadu has lovingly gathered, it looks like the party will be ruined. . . or will it? Fiona Moodie's playful illustrations and witty text combine for a funny and satisfying story, one that's perfect for reading aloud.


Fiona Moodie was brought up near Cape Town where she still lives. In 1972 she came to Europe to teach English in Madrid. She has also spent time living in both Italy and France, where she spent much of her time illustrating children's books and painting.


The unusual illustrative style is particularly eye catching and complements the narrative well. Books for Keeps
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