Blood Wedding

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November 2006



Another great student edition of a classic text.


Federico Garcia Lorca was born in 1898, in Andalusia, Spain. A poet and dramatist, and also a gifted painter and pianist, his early popular ballads earned him the title of 'poet of the gypsies'. In 1930 he turned his attention to theatre, visiting remote villages and playing classic and new works for peasant audiences. In 1936, shortly after the outbreak of Civil War, he was murdered by Nationalist partisans. His body was never found.


'Lorca is one of the few indisputably great dramatists of the twentieth century' Observer 'Lorca's great poetic play - the first of his ground-breaking folk trilogy of Spanish Life' Lyn Gardner, Guardian, 30.7.09 'Lorca's drama of forbidden passion, family feud and devouring maternal love and grief is succulent with symbolism' Sam Marlowe, The Times, 30.7.09 'Federico Garcia Lorca's Spanish love-and-death masterpiece...mixes up the rough and tumble of Andalucian peasant realism with surrealist images and stiff poetic formalism' Siobhan Murphy, Metro (London), 29.7.09
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