Cost Proxy Models and Telecommunications Policy: A New Empirical Approach to Regulation

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September 2002



An empirical approach to understanding telecommunications regulation based on the use of a sophisticated engineering cost proxy model.


Farid Gasmi is Professor of Economics at the Universite de Toulouse. D. Mark Kennet is Associate Professor of Telecommunications at George Washington University. Jean-Jacques Laffont was Professor of Economics at theUniversite des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse and the InstitutUniversitaire de France and Director of the Institut d'EconomieIndustrielle. William W. Sharkey is a Senior Economist at the Federal Communications Commission.


"This book is an important tool for regulators and policy analysts interested in implementing sound policies for the regulation of imperfect competition in local monopoly services and for instituting universal service programs. The theoretical rationales expose many of the problems with historic regulatory and subsidy programs and set a framework for implementing efficient forward-looking solutions. In addition, it provides a promising new avenue for ways to do empirical economic research."--Gregory L. Rosston, Deputy Director, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, Stanford University "The answer to virtually every important question in the field of empirical regulation depends on estimates of the firm's cost function--estimates that have been notoriously poor in past telecommunications studies. The authors' cost proxy model approach, enabling a unified empirical study of natural monopoly, universal service, and optimal regulation, takes a giant step toward a New Empirical Regulatory Economics."--James E. Prieger, Department of Economics, University of California Davis
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