Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics

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September 2005



This textbook - a result of the author's many years of research and teaching - brings together diverse concepts of the versatile tool of multibody dynamics, combining the efforts of many researchers in the field of mechanics.


Preface Particle Dynamics: The Principle fo Newton's Second Law Rigid-Body Kinematics Kinematics for General Multibody Systems Modeling of Forces in Multibody Systems Equations of Motion of Multibody Systems Hamilton-Lagrange and Gibbs-Appel Equations Handling of Constraints in Multibody Systems Dynamics Numerical Stability of Constrained Multibody Systems Linearization and Vibration Analysis of Multibody Systems Dynamics of Multibody Systems with Terminal Flexible Links Dynamic Analysis of Multiple Flexible-Body Systems Modeling of Flexibility Effects Using the Boundary-Element Method Appendix A: Multibody Dynamics Flowchart for the Construction of the Equations of Motion with Constraints Appendix B: Centroid Location and Area Moment of Inertia Appendix C: Center of Gravity and Mass Moment of Inertia of Homogeneous Solids Appendix D: Symbols Description Appendix E: Units and Conversion References Index


"This textbook offers a comprehensive exposition of contemporary multibody dynamics elaborated by an expert in and an experienced teacher of the field. There are five features that distinguish this publication: comprehensivity, orientation towards computer implementation, utilization of matrix algebra, teaching-by-examples methodology, and embedding in the author's own research accomplishments.... [T]his is an excellent textbook for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students of mechanical engineering, industrial physics and robotics; it may also be recommended as a reference text for researchers in these areas." -Mathematical Reviews
"This is a textbook intended for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students studying dynamics, physics, robotics, control, and biomechanics.... The book is well-written with good organization. It has good quality graphics. It clearly represents a considerable effort by the author to present a state-of-the-art exposition. The book should be of interest and use to practitioners and researches as well as students. It brings together methodologies from various fields into a single volume." -Zentralblatt MATH
"Timely and forward looking, Fundamentals of Multibody Dynamics, has immense potential for use as a textbook with a strong computer orientation towards the subject for junior/senior undergraduates and first-year graduate engineering students taking a course in dynamics, physics, control, robotics, or biomechanics. The work may also be used as a self-study resource or research reference for practitioners in the above-mentioned fields; they will find the book a refreshing break from the usual textbook presentation...with the type of printing, layout and illustrations by way of figures, tables and mathematical equations that contribute to a helpful understanding of the material presented and instant location of what is required by the reader. The book is studded with useful and relevant references. Thus, we are stronly led to recommend this impressive volume to students and practicing engineers who are looking for a book that fills the gap between dynamics and engineering applications. We have nothing but admiration for what Farid Amirouche has done." -Current Engineering Practice
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