Advancing Forensic Interrogation Techniques To Combat Terrorism

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Februar 2015



The development of functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) and the significant role that it plays as a forensic interrogation tool has not been previously researched. This book introduces a first step towards advancing a novel interrogation experimental paradigm for law enforcement agencies to extract valuable information from suspected terrorists. Another goal is the implementation of fMRI in real life situations to find whether this technology enables law enforcement agencies to detect suspicious behavior indicators to provide real-time decision support. The prototype is applied in such a way that the implications of interrogative methodologies may become a reality for mining of knowledge from suspects and contribute to strengthening law enforcement capabilities while respecting fundamental human rights. The intention of this book is also to address challenges associated with the application of this technology. This research could substantially leverage police work in the field of interrogation techniques and provide a basis for further studies in lie detection.


Dr. Farhan Hyder Sahito has obtained his PhD degree in Computer Criminology in 2013. His main research areas include cyber crimes, digital forensic investigation, white-collar crime issues, policing and criminal investigation. He is the author of several articles published in reputable international journals and editor of many journals.
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