Theatre and State in France, 1760-1905

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September 2004



Relations between theater and state were seldom more fraught in France than in the latter part of the eighteenth and during the nineteenth centuries. In his illuminating study, F.W.J. Hemmings traces the vicissitudes of this perennial conflict, which began with the rise of the small independent boulevard theaters in the 1760s and eventually ended in 1905 with the abandonment of censorship by the state. There are separate chapters on the provincial theater, while the French Revolution is given particularly detailed attention. This work, complementing his earlier book The Theatre Industry in Nineteenth-Century France (CUP 1993), will be of interest to students of theater history, French studies, and European culture in general.


Chronology; Introduction; 1. The royal theatres of the ancien regime; 2. The rise of the commercial theatre; 3. Dramatic censorship down to its abolition; 4. The liberation of the theatres; 5. The royal theatres under the Revolution; 6. The theatre in the service of the Republic; 7. Re-establishment of the state theatres; 8. Curbs on the commercial sector; 9. Politics and the pit; 10. The theatre in the provinces; 11. The licensing sytem, 1814-1864; 12. The state-supported theatres in the nineteenth century; 13. The theatre in crisis: competition from the cafe-concert; 14. Dramatic censorship in the nineteenth century; 15. The private sector; Notes; Bibliography; Guide to further reading; Index.


'An extremely readable and absorbing account of a protracted campaign for the freedom of the stage.' Theatre Scotland
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