A Student Grammar of Turkish

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A Student Grammar of Turkish is a concise introduction to Turkish grammar, designed specifically for English-speaking students and professionals. Written with the needs of the learner very much in mind, it sets out the grammar of the language in a clear and jargon-free style. The book not only explains the fundamentals of the grammar, but also tests students' understanding in an interactive way with more than 200 exercises. Key grammar points are summarised in tables and there are numerous illustrative examples. A list of grammatical terms used in the book and a key to all the exercises are also provided. This essential grammar and exercise book can be used as a supplement for students studying the language, with a dual function as a reference guide to look up grammar points, and as a resource from which exercises can be set and language skills practised.


1. Introduction; 2. Sound of Turkish; 3. The noun: an overview; 4. Case markers; 5. Genitive and possessive; 6. Numerals and plurality; 7. Existential var/yok; 8. Pronouns; 9. The verb: an overview; 10. -Iyor, the progressive; 11. Future with -(y)AcAK; 12. Past with -DI and -(y)DI; 13. -mIs and -(y)mIs; 14. Present tense with the aorist -Ir/-Ar; 15. -mAktA and -DIr; 16. Imperative and optative; 17. Compound tenses; 18. Person markers; 19. Postpositions; 20. Passive; 21. Causative; 22. Reflexive; 23. Reciprocal; 24. Subordination; 25. Infinitives with -mA and -mAK; 26. Adjectives; 27. Adverbials; 28. Conditional; 29. Ability and possibility with -(y)Abil; 30. Obligation and necessity; 31. Relative clauses; 32. Word order; 33. Questions; 34. Negation; 35. Coordination; 36. Diminutive; 37. Reduplication; 38. Interjections and some idiomatic expressions; 39. Spelling and punctuation; 40. Conversation.


Nihan Ketrez is an Assistant Professor in Linguistics in the Department of English Teacher Education at Istanbul Bilgi University.


Advance praise: '... one of the most comprehensive language learning books on contemporary standard Turkish available in English. Few works in the field present such lucid explanations of grammar points and idiomatic expressions with rich self-study tasks as this one.' Fikret Turan, Fatih Sultan Mehmet University and University of Manchester 'A superb resource for all levels of learners of Turkish! It presents a comprehensive overview of Turkish in a clear and easy to follow manner. In it, Nihan Ketrez combines her expert knowledge as a linguist with her wide experience from teaching. She anticipates what kinds of questions the students will have, and answers them.' Sibel Erol, New York University
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