Identification and Control Using Volterra Models

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Oktober 2001



This book covers recent results in the analysis, identification and control of systems described by Volterra models. Topics covered include: qualitative behavior of finite Volterra models compared and contrasted with other nonlinear model classes, structural restrictions and extensions to Volterra model class, least squares and stochastic identification approaches, model inversion issues, and direct synthesis and model predictive control design, guidelines for practical applications. Examples are drawn from Chemical, Biological and Electrical Engineering. The book is suitable as a text for a graduate control course, or as a reference for both research and practice.


1. Introduction.- 2. Qualitative Behavior.- 3. Restrietions & Extensions.- 4. Determination of Volterra Model Parameters.- 5. Practical Considerations in Volterra Model Identification.- 6. Model-Based Controller Synthesis.- 7. Advanced Direct Synthesis Controller Design.- 8. Model Predictive Control Using Volterra Series.- 9. Application Case Studies.- 10. Summary.
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