The Interacting Boson Model

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The interacting boson model was introduced in 1974 as an attempt to describe collective properties of nuclei in a unified way. Since 1974, the model has been the subject of many investigations and it has been extended to cover most aspects of nuclear structure. This book gives an account of the properties of the interacting boson model. In particular, this book presents the mathematical techniques used to analyze the structure of the model. It also collects in a single, easily accessible reference all the formulas that have been developed throughout the years to account for collective properties of nuclei. Suitable for both theorists and experimentalists.


Preface; Part I. The Interacting Boson Model -1: 1. Operators; 2. Algebras; 3. Geometry; Part II. The Interacting Boson Model -2: 4. Operators; 5. Algebras; 6. Geometry; Part III. The Interacting Boson Model-k: 7. The interacting boson models-3 and -4; 8. The interacting boson models-G, -F, -CM; 9. Group elements; References; Index.
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