Fall and Rise of Freedom - CL

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August 1999



Original essays by prominent legal scholars on the recent intellectual revival of freedom of contract and the value of free bargaining; the essays will be gleaned from a series of conferences organized around areas where bargaining rights might be expande


1 Free Bargaining and Formalism -
Contracts Small and Contracts Large: Contract Law through the Lens of Laissez-Faire
Richard A Epstein, University of Chicago
The Decline of Formality in Contract law
Eric A Posner, University of Chicago
External Critiques of
Laissez-Faire Contract Values
Michael J Trebilock, University of Toronto
In Defense of the Old Order
Timothy J Murtis, George Mason University
The Limits of Freedom of Contract in the Age of Laissez-Faire Constitutionalism
Gregory S Alexander, Cornell Law School
2 Bargaining Around Tort Law -
Courts and the Tort-Contract Boundary in Product Liability
Paul H Rubin, Emory University
Commodifying Liability
Robert Cooter,
University of California
3 Contracting for Land Use Law -
Zoning by Private Contract
Robert h Nelson, University of Maryland
Dealing with the NIMBY Problem
William A Fischel, Dartmouth College
Devolutionary Proposals and Contractarian Principles

Steven J Eagle, George Mason University
The (Limited) Ability of Urban Neighbours to Contract for the Provision of Local Public Goods
Robert C Ellickson, Yale Law School
4 Free Bargaining
in Family Law -
A Contract Theory of marriage
Elizabeth Scott & Robert Scott, University of Virginia
Contracting around No-Fault Divorce
Margaret F Brinig, George Mason University
Marriage as a Signal
Michael J Trebilcock, University of Toronto
Family Law and Social Norms
Eric A Posner, University of Chicago
5 Bargaining around Bankruptcy Reorganization Law -
Contracting for Bankruptcy Systems
Alan Schwartz, Yale Law School
Free Contracting in Bankruptcy
F H Buckley,George Mason University
Free Contracting in Bankruptcy at Home and Abroad
Robert k Rasmussen, Vanderbilt Univesity
6 Choosing Law by Contract -
Contract and Jurisdictional Freedom
Bruce H Kobayshi & Larry E Ribstein, George Mason University
A Comment of Contract and jurisdictional Freedom
Michael Klausner, Stanford University
Corporate Law as the Paradigm for Contractual Choice of Law
Roberta Romano, Yale Law School
Choice of Law as a Pre-Commitment Device
Geoffrey P Miller, New York University


F. H. Buckley is Professor of Law at the George Mason School of Law. He is the author of several books, including "Corporations: Principles and Policies."


"An interesting and impressive collection of essays that pulls together important research and arguments by an unusually impressive lineup of contributors. This a major piece of work." -Paul H. Haagen, Duke University School of Law "A compendium of original scholarship about the continuing vitality of our legal and political regime based on contract. This is an important book."-Fred S. McChesney, Cornell Law School
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