Environmental Contamination and Remediation Practices at Former and Present Military Bases

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September 1998



Environmental Contamination and Remediation Practices at Former and Present Military Bases outlines the different strategies that are useful in the investigation and subsequent remediation of military bases, Particular attention is paid to the pollution of groundwater. The book contains an excellent review of useful remediation techniques and several examples of their application to polluted military bases. Several mathematical models are demonstrated, showing their predictive value for real examples. A detailed list is given of chemical pollutants that can be found on a military base. Strategies are described for the investigation and determination of the future of a polluted military site. Examples are given, obtained from practical experience of dealing with old, contaminated sites.


Preface. Workshop Summary. Strategies and Risk Assessment. Environmental Contamination and Remediation Practices at Former and Active Military Bases. German Experiences; B.-A. Szelinski. General Environmental Situation, Risk Assessment and Remediation of Former Military Sites in East Germany; V. Ermisch, P. Schuldt. Current and Future Research and Development Projects of the Federal Ministry for the Environment on Contaminated Military Sites; S. Reppe. Environmental Risk Assessment and Management in Evaluation of Contaminated Military Sites. A Canadian Approach; K.J. Reimer, B.A. Zeeb. Swedish Guidance on the Procedure for the Investigation and Risk Classification of Urban and Industrially Contaminated Areas; D. Fredriksson. Environmental Situation and Remediation Plans of Military Sites in Latvia; D. Hadonina. Strategy for Investigations and Remediation of a Polluted Norwegian Naval Base; A. Johnsen. Chemical Aspects of Environmental Contamination at Military Sites; S. Neffe. US Environmental Protection Agency's Baltic Technical Assistance Program: from Capacity Building to Environmental Security; V.J. Saulys. Mathematical Modelling. Results of Mass Transport Modelling at some Wellfields and Former Soviet Military Bases in Lithuania; M. Gregorauskas. Mass Transport Modelling in Groundwater Studies. Achievements of Latvian Scientists; A. Spalvins. GIS and Mathematical Modelling for the Assessment of Vulnerability and Geographical Zoning for Groundwater Management and Protection; J.P. Lobo-Ferreira. Modelling of Oil and Chlorinated Hydrocarbons in Saturated and Unsaturated Zones at the Military Base in Milovice; V. Benes, V. Eliàs. Analysis and Monitoring. How to Map Hydrocarbon Contamination of Groundwater Without Analysing for Organics.A Study of Oil Contamination of Soil and Groundwater at Viestura Prospekts Former Military Fuel Storage Depot, Riga, Latvia; D. Banks, et al. Monitoring a Diesel Spill at Skoddebergvatn Military Site in Northern Norway; A. Misund. Impact of Military Contamination on Quality of Potable Water Resources; V. Juodkazis, B. Pauštys. Bioassays Used for Detection of Ecotoxicity at Contaminated Areas; B. Rojíèková, et al. Compatibility of Groundwater Sampling and Laboratory Techniques. Some Practical Aspects of Investigations at Military Sites; S. Janulevièius. Remediation Techniques. Advanced Methods for the In-Situ Remediation of Contaminated Soil and Groundwater; J.A. Pezzullo. Groundwater Contamination Clean Up &endash; Reality or Illusion? B. Madsen. Remediation Practice at a Former Missile Base in Latvia; H. Whittaker, et al. Implications of Selected Bacterial Strains for Contaminations of Oil Pollutants in Soil and Water; S. Grigiškis, V. Cipinyte. Remediation of Soil and Groundwater at Air Bases Polluted with Oil, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons and Combat Chemicals; J. Švoma, F. Herèík. Remedial Technologies Applied at Sliac &endash; Vlkanova, a Former Soviet Military Installation; E. Fatulova. Remediation of Polluted Environment at Naval Ports of the Baltic Sea; O. Tammemäe. A Proposal for a Decision Flow Chart for the Selection of Technologies for the Rehabilitation of Polluted Aquifers; T.E. Leitão. Investigation and Remediation of Former Military Fuel Storage of Valčiūnaia (Lithuania); N. Šeirys. Dumped Ammunition in Mine Shafts; J.G. Holmé, et al. Nuclear Accidents and Radionuclide Transport; M. Krosshavn, F. Fonnum. Migration Processes of Radio


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