Surgery for the Dry Eye

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All adnexal structures - the tear system, the lids and the orbit as well as neuronal and cellular components of the ocular surface itself, i.e. the cornea and conjunctiva - are involved in tear production and maintenance. If any part of this complex functional unit mutates either primary or secondary to disease, changes in tear film and ocular surface known as dry eye may occur. In this volume a panel of well-established international experts provides the theoretical foundation and describes the interaction of the ocular adnexa and surface in dry eye. Current guidelines for the diagnosis and medical management are also given. The main focus lies on surgical concepts exceeding techniques such as to block the lacrimal drainage system or lid surgery, but encompasses corneal and conjunctival as well as orbital and maxillofacial surgery where often complex transplantation procedures are involved. This volume offers a concise review on surgical treatment of the dry eye to all ophthalmologists dealing with this fairly common eye disorder.


List of Contributors; Preface; Surgery for the Dry Eye: Brewitt, H.; Geerling, G.; Part I; Normal Tear Film: Tiffany, J.M.; Functional Anatomy and Immunological Interactions of Ocular Surface and Adnexa: Paulsen, F.; Classification and Diagnosis of Dry Eye: Kaercher, T.; Bron, A.J.; Medical Management of the Dry Eye Disease: Tuft, S.; Lakhani, S.; Anti-Inflammatory and Immunosuppressive Concepts: Nolle, B.; Part II-A: Tear Distribution; Correction of Entropion and Ectropion: Hintschich, C.; Correction of Lid Retraction and Exophthalmus: Baldeschi, L.; Lacrimal Drainage Surgery in a Patient with Dry Eyes: Rose, G.E.; Surgery of the Conjunctiva: Yokoi, N.; Inatomi, T.; Kinushita, S.; Surgery of the Cornea: Corneal, Limbal Stem Cell and Amniotic Membrane Transplantation: Kruse, F.E.; Cursiefen, C.; Keratoprosthesis Surgery: Liu, C.; Hille, K.; Tan, D.; Hicks, C.; Herold, J.; Part II-B: Reduction of Tear Drainage; Eyelid Botulinum Toxin Injections for the Dry Eye: Sahlin, S.; Linderoth, R.; Plugs for Occlusion of the Lacrimal Drainage System: Tost, F.H.W.; Geerling, G.; Surgical Occlusion of the Lacrimal Drainage System: Geerling, G.; Tost, F.; Part II-C: Tear Replacement; Mucous Membrane Grafting: Henderson, H.W.A.; Collin, J.R.O.; Minor Salivary Gland Transplantation: Geerling, G.; Raus, P.; Murube, J.; Transplantation of Major Salivary Glands: Geerling, G.; Sieg, P.; Mechanical Pump Dacryoreservoirs: Murube, J.; Geerling, G.; Part III; Clinical Trials in Dry Eye in Surgery for Dry Eye: Lemp, M.A.; Animal Models of Dry Eye: Schrader, S.; Mircheff, A.K.; Geerling, G.; Flow Chart on Surgical Approaches to Dry Eye: Geerling, G.; Brewitt; H.; Author Index; Subject Index.
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