Muscle Mechanics

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Februar 2006



This guide describes 65 of the most effective exercises for strength, definition, and muscle size. Full-color anatomical illustrations show which muscles are being worked as well as proper alignment, positioning, and lifting techniques.


Former All American football player, Mr. Colorado, and a national power lifting champion Everett Aaberg has been both a teacher and practitioner of resistance training for over 20 years. He is currently the director of education and personal training for a major fitness club in Dallas, Texas and trains fitness instructors with the Cooper institute Aerobic Research.


"Everett Aaberg's extensive knowledge of biomechanics and enhancement of human performance is well known. In" Muscle Mechanics "he presents, in an easy-to-understand style, exercise techniques and programs that will allow you to begin improving your body's level of function and fitness."
Greg Roskopf
Developer of MAT therapy
MAT therapist and biomechanics consultant for
NFL (Denver Broncos), NHL (Denver Avalache), NBA (Utah Jazz)
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