He Heard America Singing: Arthur Farwell, Composer and Crusading Music Educator

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September 1992



The story of Arthur Farwell (1872-1952) reveals the human side of a composer caught up in a passionate love for his country and its 'common people' and shows how he made music a community experience.


Evelyn Davis Culbertson (PhD, University of Maryland), Professor Emerita, is the retired director of the music education program she developed at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK and is also known as a singer, pianist, choral director, church organist, and coach. She performs lecture-recitals on "The Life and Music of Arthur Farwell" and "Vocal Music of Norway." Her articles have appeared in American Music and The Oklahoma Music News.


...for this unique documentary biography of Farwell, the result of nearly thirty years' research, Evely Davis Culbertson draws heavily upon Farwell's journals, letters, speeches, taped interviews, essays, and unpublished excellent discography...very fascinating reading. Pan Pipes (Journal of Sigma Alpha Iota) a most useful stepping-stone towards a deeper understanding of American music, music-making, artistic endeavor and music education in the first half of the present century - this carefully constructed study deserved our attention. Journal Of Music Culbertson has been able to clarify and correct information that previous writers have presented...extremely well written and compelling... American Music Teacher Written sensitively... the book speaks authoritatively through the analysis of the music of Arthur Farwell and through the quotations. Mae L. Stewart There is enough material here to launch dozens of studies... Isam Newsletter ... ambitious in important figure in the development of an American music... Accessible to general readers and undergraduates. CHOICE A substantial advance in Farwell studies...a monumental life-and-works packed with detail...a voluminous biography, with quotations from Farwell's diaries and letters providing a multi-dimensional profile, much richer than anything that can be gleaned from his own essays... Music and Letters
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