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Is obesity an illness? What is the connection between weight and genetics? These and other issues are explored in this balanced, in-depth introduction to the medical, scientific, legal, and cultural issues surrounding obesity and its import in healthcare. This volume in the Health and Medical Issues Today series provides everything a student requires to understand the issues surrounding obesity, at the same time offering a springboard for further research into the issue. Obesity is organized to provide researchers with easy access to the information they need: BL Section 1 provides an overview of the background information needed to understand the issues and controversies surrounding obesity. These include the physiology of obesity and the business of the diet industry BL Section 2 offers capsule examinations of the contemporary issues and debates that provoke the most heated disagreements and misunderstandings, such as whether obesity is an illness and the connection between weight and genetics BL Section 3 offers reference material on obesity. There are primary-source documents from important players, a timeline of important events, and an annotated bibliography of useful print and electronic resources.


EVELYN B. KELLY is a writer specialising in health and environmental topics. She is a co-author of The Skeletal System volume (2004, 0-313-32521-9, GBP 36.99) in the Greenwood Human Body Systems series (10 Vols., 0-313-33119-7, GBP 225.00).


"For students and the general reader, Kelly, a writer specializing in health and environmental topics, discusses the rising issue of obesity, providing background on the topic, including historical viewpoints, and examining physical, psychosocial, and genetic studies; the physiology of exercise; and related diseases and disorders. The subsequent section covers the obesity debate: whether it is a real disease, obesity prevention and treatment, types of diets, behavior modification, surgery, the government's role, and the future. Appendices contain annotated primary source documents from the government and other sources, and a list of weight loss programs." - SciTech Book News
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