Empire of Letters: Letter Manuals and Transatlantic Correspondence, 1688-1820

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Among the most frequently reprinted books of the long eighteenth century, English, Scottish and American letter manuals spread norms of polite conduct and communication which helped to connect and unify different regions of the British Atlantic world. Eve Tavor Bannet uncovers what people knew then about letters that we have forgotten, and revolutionizes our understanding of eighteenth-century letters, novels, periodicals, and other genres that used the letter form. This lively, interdisciplinary book will change the way we read eighteenth-century letters and think about the book in the Atlantic world.


Prologue; Part I. Letter Manuals and Eighteenth-Century Letteracy: Introduction; 1. Empire of letters; 2. Manual architectonics; Part II. Letter Manuals in Britain and America: Introduction; 3. Secretaries at the turn of the eighteenth century; 4. The complete letter-writers of the middle years; 5. The art of correspondence, 1790-1820; Part III. Secrecy and the Transatlantic Culture of Letters; Introduction; 6. Public and hidden transcripts; 7. From Crevecoeur to Franklin and Mr. Spectator; Bibliography.


Eve Tavor Bannet is Professor of English at the University of Oklahoma.


Review of the hardback: 'Not the least merit of Eve Tavor Bannet's groundbreaking book, Empire of Letters, is its critique of the Habermasian division of public and private spheres as it is often understood.' Times Literary Supplement
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