Blueprints for High Availability

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September 2003



Uses the same witty style with practical tips, lists, and Tales from the Field as the first edition Since the first edition, there has been a huge increase in the complexity and design requirements needed to make networks reliable and always available 24/7 Stresses the importance of data being instantly and reliably available, especially in these critical times when a network must be up round the clock Examines how companies look at all possible threats and risks to their enterprise data, from damage caused by a virus to loss of business-critical services


Contents. Preface. About the Authors. Chapter 1: Introduction. Chapter 2: What to Measure. Chapter 3: The Value of Availability. Chapter 4: The Politics of Availability. Chapter 5: 20 Key High Availability Design Principles. Chapter 6: Backups and Restores. Chapter 7: Highly Available Data Management. Chapter 8: SAN, NAS, and Virtualization. Chapter 9: Networking. Chapter 10: Data Centers and the Local Environment. Chapter 11: People and Processes. Chapter 12: Clients and Consumers. Chapter 13: Application Design. Chapter 14: Data and Web Services. Chapter 15: Local Clustering and Failover. Chapter 16: Failover Management and Issues. Chapter 17: Failover Configurations. Chapter 18: Data Replication. Chapter 19: Virtual Machines and Resource Management. Chapter 20: The Disaster Recovery Plan. Chapter 21: A Resilient Enterprise. Chapter 22: A Brief Look Ahead. Chapter 23: Parting Shots. Index.


EVAN MARCUS is a Principal Engineer for VERITAS Software. With more than twelve years of experience in the field of high availability, he is a frequent speaker at industry technical conferences. HAL STERN is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for the Services business unit of Sun Microsystems. He has worked on reliability and availability issues for some of the largest online trading and sports information sites as well as several network service providers.
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