Biophysical and Physiological Effects of Solar Radiation on Human Skin: Rsc

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In an era of global warming knowledge of the effects of solar radiation on humans is of great importance and the latest discoveries in environmental photobiology are presented in this book.


Preface; Part I Physiological effects; Chapter 1: Damages from acute vs chronic solar exposure; Chapter 2: Inflammation after solar radiation; Chapter 3: Pigmentation after solar radiation; Chapter 4: Skin color, melanin, race/ethnicity and UV-induced DNA damage; Chapter 5: The effects of solar radiation on the immune response in humans; Chapter 6: Genetic background and UVR-induced skin cancer; Chapter 7: Aging after UV-irradiation: dermis; Chapter 8: The effects of visible and near infrared light in humans; Part II Biochemical mechanisms; Chapter 9: UV-induced DNA damage; Chapter 10: Lipid and protein damage provoked by UV radiation: mechanisms of indirect photo-oxidative damage; Chapter 11: UVA and inducible protection; Chapter 12: Damaged proteins: repair or removal; Chapter 13: DNA repair therapy; Index


Paolo U. Giacomoni received a Laurea in Atomic Physics from the University of Milano and a Ph. D. in Biochemistry from the University of Paris. He was a teacher at the University of Paris, and was a fellow scientist at University of California, San Diego, at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and at the Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum in Heidelberg. He is Executive Director-R&D, at Clinique Laboratories, Inc. in Melville, N.Y He discovered that UV radiation elicits heat shock response and impairs energy metabolism in the epidermis. He worked on the pro-oxidative behavior of UVA radiation and discovered that DNA damage by UVA requires Oxygen and transition metals. As consequence, he proposed the now widely accepted micro-inflammatory model of skin aging and his laboratory was one of the twelve laboratories, which created the European Union-sponsored Network on Molecular Gerontology. He was among the founders of the European Society for Photobiology and was elected Secretary of the Society for two successive two-year terms.


Photosciences of the human skin Biophysical and physiological effects of solar radiation on human skinPaolo Giacomoni
Cambridge, UK: RSC Publishing 2007 - 352 pp - (HB) ISBN 9780854042890 Reviewed by Paolo Di MascioThis volume is part of an encyclopaedic series, the Comprehensive series in photochemical and photobiological sciences, initiated by the European Society for Photobiology. This series is intended to cover a range of different multidisciplinary fields that 'deal' with light. This particular volume covers different aspects related to solar radiation effects (acute and chronic) on the human skin, a subject which has grown in importance because of changing recreational behaviour, increasing temperatures and rising levels of high-energy UV radiation and the resultant effects on levels of skin cancer. This provides a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, dealing as it does with the chemistry, physiology and biochemical mechanisms. The many clin
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