Rethinking Hedge Fund Regulation

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Februar 2015



Based on observations of the hedge fund regimes in the U.S., the U.K., and Korea, this book concludes that the current regimes have succumbed to the pressure to overregulate: It would be prudent for future regulatory efforts to focus on making the hedge fund market accessible to only accredited investors, and the role of a visible regulatory hand in this market should be refrained from to the extent necessary to promote market competition and financial innovation, while mitigating potential systemic risk from hedge fund failures.


Mr. Eun Jip Kim was born and raised in Korea. Mr. Kim earned a LL.B. at Korea University, and earned his master degree at Korea University Graduate School after his further study in jurisprudence and legal theory. Mr. Kim had worked for Korean Financial Regulatory Body for more than a decade, and he currently works at a Korean law firm to practice.
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