Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling of the Magnetic Moment

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August 2005



This is the first book to present a coherent theoretical and experimental treatment of the rapidly developing field of macroscopic quantum tunneling of the magnetic moment. The theory is based on the concept of the magnetic instanton and its renormalization by the dissipative environment. The book includes discussions of the tunneling of magnetic moment in small ferromagnetic grains, tunneling of the Ne'el vector in antiferromagnetic grains, quantum nucleation of magnetic domains, and quantum depinning of domain walls. The experimental part collects the majority of recent data that are, or may be, relevant to spin tunneling. Among the topics described are low temperature magnetic relaxation and its interpretation in various systems, experiments on single particles and mesoscopic wires, and resonant spin tunneling in molecular magnets. This study of an important new field in condensed matter physics by two leading contributors to the subject will be of interest to theorists and experimentalists.


1. Introduction; 2. Tunneling at a macroscopic scale; 3. Magnetism in imaginary time; 4. Magnetic tunneling in bulk materials; 5. Quantum magnetic relaxation; 6. Other experimental approaches; 7. Tunneling in magnetic molecules.
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