The Waldenses

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Offers an examination of the concept of 'Waldensianism' from the late 12th century to the Reformation. This book draws on primary sources to consider each of the manifestations of the movement in turn. It examines connections in space and time through correspondence and tradition between the different groups of Waldenses.


Preface. Introduction. Part I: The First Phase. 1. Before Heresy: Valdesius and the Poor Brethren at Lyons to 1184. 2. Disobedient Preachers, 1184-c. 1210. 3. The Lombard 'Poor in Spirit', c. 1205-c. 1240. 4. The Reconciliations with Rome, 1208-1212. Part II: The Age of Inquisition, 13th-15th Centuries. Introduction: The Impact of Organized Inquisitorial Activity. 5. Waldenses in Occitan France c. 1220-1320. 6. Germany and Eastern Europe. 7. The South-Western Alps. Part III: The Alpine Waldenses Confront the Reformation. 8. The Alpine 'Barbes' and Their Culture c. 1520. 9. The Encounters of 1530-2 and Their Outcomes.10. Calvin's Geneva Takes Over in Piedmont, 1555-1565. Epilogue: The Waldenses as Persecuted Martyrs and the 'True Church'. Conclusions and Reflections. Bibliography. Index.


Euan Cameron is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. He is author of "The European Reformation" (1991) and editor of "Early Modern Europe: An Oxford History" (1999) and has published a number of journal articles on heresy and the Reformation. His first book on Waldensian heresy, "The Reformation of the Heretics, " was published in 1984.


"... exemplary in its clarity and comprehensiveness and will easily count as the standard treatment in the subject for years to come." Times Literary Supplement "[Cameron's] command of the difficult and controversial evidence is masterly throughout this study, and his grasp of the ideas which formed the movement, and the different approaches of the new Protestantism, is outstanding. This book will provide a starting-point for future study of the Waldenses." Journal of Theological Studies "A scholarly account ranging from the late twelfth century to the Reformation..." Missiology: An International Review "Waldenses is a lucid, nuanced, and intelligent assesment of the history of this diverse group of medieval dissenters.... Cameron's assesments are penetraing and sound... [the book] should find its way onto the bookshelves of many scholars and students interested in medieval religious cultures." Shannon McSheffrey, Concordia University
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