Resettlement and Conflict over Land Use

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Resettlement has been used as a rural development program with other objectives to reduce rural poverty and tackle food insecurity. In Ethiopia also it has been used with different explicit and implicit objectives. But conflicts for land use are common in resettlement areas. This book presents the characteristics and features of resettlement in selected resettlement areas of Dawuro zone with theoretical and conceptual frameworks. It gives a highlight for cuases of conflict in resettlement areas.Among other reasons of conflict in resettlement areas,land use issues, ethnic differences, and resources competitions are the main .The book discusses about these issues in detail. Therefore, the book helps students, researchers and policy makers in resettlement, conflict, and land use issues by providing both theoretical and emprical discussions.


Eshetu Mengesha Marra is a graduate of BA in Management and MA in Development Studies, both from Addis Ababa University, now working as lecturer in Department of Management,Ambo University, Ethiopia.
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Untertitel: The Case of Dawuro Zone Resettlement Areas, Ethiopia. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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