Electricity Market In Turkey and Its Integration Policy Into The EU

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Dezember 2011



This book evaluates the electricity sector in Turkey by examining its historical development and the directives of the European Union on the energy sector, also by giving reference to statistical tables and the views of specialists and academic authorities. The globalization of the economy, developments and changes in technology and various economical and political movements have affected the energy sector and therefore, proposed amendments of the regulations have been initiated. In this book, the reform process in the energy sector and possible complexities and difficulties that might occur in that period are evaluated and discussed. Turkey has been through many changes in the procedures and regulations of its energy sector following the integration process into the European Union. Turkey, as a candidate country, is supposed to put the acquis communitaire into practice and a strategy is necessary to implement harmonization with the procedure in the energy sector. Within this study, various aspects of the change Turkey has been through in its legal procedure during its researches and studies for strategy in the energy sector have been evaluated by handling the directives of the EU.


A multi-lingual attorney, specializing in international commercial law,IP law and EU Public Law. Received a full scholarship from the EPLO and accomplished her MA degree in the EU Law. Moreover, gained an LLM from the University of Stockholm in IP Law and now works as an RA at the Marmara University EU Inst.,doing her Ph.D in the subject of EU Law.
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