Neurology Oral Boards Review

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August 2005



It was 6 AM and the New Orleans Hilton lobby was dotted with young neurologists in suits wandering aimlessly, many mumbling to themselves, all with the eyes of a rough night on call. This was the morning of my Oral Board examination. Despite three years as a neurology resident, additional time as a fellow, and the experience of having performed probably more than 1000 neurological examinations by this time, I was deathly afraid of what this day would bring. The exam organizers had met with us the day before and given the overwhelming message to "RELAX. " Certainly, this is sound advice prior to any examination, but the requisite for passing is kn- ing the material. This requires preparation, as well as practice. An excellent first step is to use Eroboghene Ubogu's Neurology Oral Boards Review in the months before you begin studying for the Boards in earnest. A quick read will provide an internal assessment of your strengths and weaknesses, which should guide the study plan. The major neurology textbooks, which anyone sitting for the Boards should already have in their possession, should be studied. Finding a senior faculty member to quiz you is very helpful. There is no substitute for finding one of your former re- dency supervisors or a senior colleague in your group practice to perform a simulated Oral Board session.


Part I Introduction

Test Description
Study Approach and Test-Taking Strategies

Part II Clinical Vignettes: Emergencies

Cerebrovascular Disease
Neuromuscular Disorders
Herniation Syndromes
Infectious Diseases
Spinal Cord Disease
Movement Disorders
Toxic-Metabolic Disorders

Part III Clinical Vignettes: General Neurology

Behavioral Neurology
Cerebrovascular Disorders
Pain Syndromes
Neuromuscular Disorders
Movement Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Infectious Diseases
Neoplastic Disease
Vestibular Disorders
Pediatric Neurology



From the Foreword...
"An excellent first step is to use Ubogu's Neurology Oral Boards Review in the months before you begin studying for the Boards in earnest."
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