Covariant Holographic Renormalization of Non-Conformal Field Theories

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Januar 2015



This book introduces a Covariant Holographic Renormalization procedure of fake supergravity systems. Holography is a strong/weak coupling duality between gravitational and gauge theories, and fake supergravity is a theory of gravity coupled to scalars in which the scalar potential can be derived from a superpotential in some specific way. Other systematic methods of holographic renormalization of fake supergravity exist, but they are all restricted to spacetimes that are asymptotically anti-de Sitter (aAdS). According to the AdS/CFT correspondence, their dual quantum field theories are conformal in the ultraviolet. Covariant Holographic Renormalization can be applied to fake supergravity systems in both aAdS and non-aAdS backgrounds. The field theories dual to non-aAdS supergravity systems are non-conformal. So far, the Covariant Holographic Renormalization procedure is limited to the renormalization of two-point functions, but shows that the divergences from the bare fake supergravity action can be cancelled by covariant counterterms without introducing new divergences.


Dr. Ernst van Eijk (1979) studied Theoretical Physics at the Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands, 2003) and obtained his PhD in the field of the Holographic Principle at the University of Naples Federico II (Italy, 2011). After becoming a certified professional programmer and consultant he now owns and
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