Structural Design in Wood

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November 1996



The prime purpose of this book is to serve as a design is of considerable value in helping the classroom text for the engineering or architec­ student make the transition from the often sim­ ture student. It will, however, also be useful to plistic classroom exercises to problems of the designers who are already familiar with design real world. Problems for solution by the student in other materials (steel, concrete, masonry) but follow the same idea. The first problems in each need to strengthen, refresh, or update their capa­ subject are the usual textbook-type problems, bility to do structural design in wood. Design but in most chapters these are followed by prob­ principles for various structural materials are lems requiring the student to make structural similar, but there are significant differences. planning decisions as well. The student may be This book shows what they are. required, given a load source, to find the magni­ The book has features that the authors believe tude of the applied loads and decide upon a set it apart from other books on wood structural grade of wood. Given a floor plan, the student design. One of these is an abundance of solved may be required to determine a layout of struc­ examples. Another is its treatment of loads. This tural members. The authors have used most of book will show how actual member loads are the problems in their classes, so the problems computed. The authors have found that students, have been tested.


Introduction. Wood structure and properties. Production and grading of sawn lumber. Loads and design values. Connections -- nails, screws, and bolts. Selecting sawn-timber beams. Selecting sawn-timber compression and tension members. Glued laminated members. Bolts, timber connectors, and special weldments. Timber trusses. Plywood and similar wood products. Diaphragm action and design. Built-up and composite members. Formwork for concrete. Miscellaneous Structure types. Wood durability, protection, and preservation. Index.
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