The Temptation and the Passion: The Markan Soteriology

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The aim of this book is to illuminate the manner in which Mark understood Jesus' death. That death forms the climax of the Gospel, and is all-important for the evangelist. Since it is central to every form of Christianity, much has already been written on the significance Jesus' death had for Mark. Most previous studies, like the first edition of this book, used redaction criticism to interpret Mark's viewpoint from the alterations he made to the form of the Passion narrative as he had received it from tradition. More recently the Gospels have been examined as continuous stories, and the author adopts this approach in the additional material of his new edition. By examining the general sweep of the narrative, and in particular of its last chapters, Professor Best attempts to show how Mark saw Jesus' death as both an atonement for sin and as creative of the new community of the Church.


Preface to the first edition; Preface to the second edition; List of abbreviations; Part I. The Temptation: 1. The temptation narrative; 2. The origin of temptation; Part II. The Passion: 3. The Markan seams; 4. The selection of the material; 5. The order of the material; 6. The witness of Jesus and others to himself; 7. The titles of Jesus; 8. The Christian community; 9. Conclusion; Bibliography; Index of authors; Index of subjects; Index of passages quotes; Index of Greek words.
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