Defining Factors of Successful University-Based Community Initiatives

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August 2012



Revision with unchanged content. Whether in business, academia, or in the public sector, solving the increa-singly complex problems we face today requires collaboration. There is tremendous potential to identify and solve community and social issues when universities work hand-in-hand with community organizations. However, the constitution of these collaborations has incredible impact on the process and outcomes of any project. This monograph reviews what is known about university-community collaborations. Then, using ethnographic methods, it explores one such project in-depth through the eyes of key stakeholders and participants. The result is a compelling model that suggests specific defining factors and refining characteristics that facilitate the successful outcome of these projects. Further, it discusses the implications for and makes recom-mendations to university personnel, community stakeholders, and funding agencies. The model may provide as much an appropriate reference for busi-ness leaders involved in joint ventures as it guides university faculty and staff in their community outreach and engagement work.


Erik L. Carlton, MS,is currently Project Director for the Bluegrass Healthy Marriage Initiative, a Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) student in the University of Kentucky Department of Health Services Management, and founder and principal in a management and marketing consulting firm. He is happily married and father of two.
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