Fluorinated Surfactants and Repellents

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Februar 2001



A discussion of the synthesis, problems, theories and applications of fluorinated surfactants, this second edition is updated with four new chapters on repellency and protection against soiling and staining and over 2900 references, equations, and drawings (800 more than the previous edition). It lists alphabetically and explores numerous applications of fluorinated surfactants. Called "a ]a most useful introduction to these fascinating materials" by the Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology and ..".a coherent and stimulating handbook...the most useful book in the fluorinated surfactants field to date. Recommended." by the Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions - this book is a source of factual data, methods of manufacture, and chemical structures for the surfactant scientist and user.


Fluorinated surfactants: structure of fluorinated surfactants; synthesis; physical and chemical properties; liquid-vapour and liquid-liquid boundaries; surface tension; solid-liquid interface; fluorinated surfactants in solution; structure of micelles and mesophases; applications; analysis of fluorinated surfactants; toxicology and environmental aspects. Fluorinated repellents and soil retardants: theory of repellency; fluorinated repellents; fluorinated soil retardants; stain-resistant carpets.


"Praise for the first edition... ...a comprehensive 'stand alone' volume which is very readable, obviously well researched and with an impressive reference section at the end of each chapter.... ...provides a valuable insight into this important class of speciality surfactant...a welcome addition to our knowledge of this topic." ---Polymer International "The author of this book has succeeded admirably in giving an excellent account of the chemical structures and methods of manufacture of fluorinated surfactants.... This book can be useful for both the research worker because of its many references, and the surfactant user because of its considerable amount of basic factual data. The book is strongly recommended as a basic reference book on fluorinated surfactants." ---Chemistry & Industry ..."a book devoted to these compounds in depth is welcome.... a most useful introduction to these fascinating materials." ---Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology ..."a unique resource with good coverage of the world of fluorocarbon surfactants....a valuable addition to both personal and institutional libraries." ---Inform ..."a coherent and stimulating handbook...the most useful book to have appeared in the FS [fluorinated surfactants] field to date.... ...recommend[ed]." ---Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions ..."precise, simple, and to the point.... ...a valuable addition to the field of surfactant chemistry of recent times." ---Bulletin of Electrochemistry ..."an excellent desk reference, particularly for the industrial researchers and formulator. It is also recommended to the academician, as one of its strengths is an excellent compendium of discussions of and citations toindustrially significant methods and techniques." ---Journal of Surfactants and Detergents, 2001
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