Irenaeus of Lyons

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Eric Osborn's book presents a major study of Irenaeus (125 200), bishop of Lyons.


1. Irenaeus: argument and imagery; Part I. Divine Intellect: 2. One God: intellect and love; Part II. Economy: 3. One creator: ut sapiens architectus et maximus rex; 4. Economy: God as architect of our time; Part III. Recapitulation: 5. Recapitulation: correction and perfection; 6. Recapitulation: inauguration and consummation; Part IV. Participation: 7. Logic and the rule of truth: participation in truth; 8. Scripture as mind and will of God: participation in truth; 9. Aesthetics: participation in beauty; 10. Human growth from creation to resurrection: participation in life; 11. Goodness and truth: ethics of participation; Part V. Conclusion: 12. The glory of God and Man.


Eric Osborn is Honorary Professor at the Department of History, La Trobe University and Professorial Fellow at the Department of Fine Arts, Classical Studies and Archaeology, University of Melbourne. His books include Beginning Christian Philosophy (Cambridge, 1981), The Emergence of Christian Theology (Cambridge, 1993), and Tertullian, First Theologian of the West (Cambridge, 1997).


'A stimulating work which incorporates much valuable recent scholarship ... perhaps most striking of all is the way it manages to capture something of the wit and shimmer of the Irenaean texts themselves.' The Downside Review 'This wise and balanced book belongs in university libraries, and on the shelves of patristic scholars.' Journal of Ecclesiastical History '... detailed analysis ... Both graduate students and specialists will profit from Osborn's work.' Religious Studies Review
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