The Greek Tradition in Republican Thought

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Tracing the influence of ancient Greek sources on the development of republican theory in Europe and America, this book argues that an important tradition of republican thought, derived from the central texts of Greek moral and political philosophy, emerged in sixteenth century England. It contributed significantly to the ideological framework of the English Civil Wars and the American Revolution. Eric Nelson offers significant reinterpretations of several central texts of European political theory, as well as a radical reappraisal of ancient Roman historiography.


Acknowledgements; Note on conventions; Introduction; 1. Greek nonsense in More's Utopia; 2. The Roman agrarian laws and Machiavelli's modi privati; 3. James Harrington and the 'balance of justice'; 4. 'Prolem cum matre creatam': the background to Montesquieu; 5. Montesquieu's Greek republics; 6. The Greek tradition and the American Founding; Coda: Tocqueville and the Greeks; Bibliography; Index.


Eric Nelson has been a Research Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge and is currently a Junior Fellow in the Society of Fellows, Harvard University. This is his first book.


'... a work of enviable accomplishment and great acumen throughout.' John Dunn, King's College, Cambridge 'Nelson's account of More ... is supple and elegant ... the writing is clear and engaging, a thesis forcefully presented, and close reading of particular texts outlined and provocative assessments made that build on the author's previous work on Machiavelli ... Nelson offers a provocative and original interpretation ...' History of European Ideas '... the book has much to commend it. Nelson has written a work that provides a fresh perspective on early modern republican political theory was firmly rooted in central texts of Greek moral and political philosophy has great merit, as long as we keep firmly in mind that this tradition seems to reflect early modern republicans; apparent interpretations of ancient Greek texts ... Nelson's book also allows us to consider what he would call 'Greek' elements, which may have had a positive impact on the thought of the American founders ... His book provides a fine elucidation of the idea of a 'balance of justice' and egalitarian principles in the distribution of wealth and property in society, which we find in the 'Greek tradition' ... Nelson's study should prove to be of enduring value for our understanding of the republican tradition.' Polis
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