Foundations of Popfly

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Januar 2008



Popfly was created as a tool for designers to build mashups in a visual manner, rapidly, without needing to know any code. By simply dragging out "blocks" that represent services such as Flickr onto your workspace and then drawing connection lines between them, you can create a mashup. It's as easy as that! Get Popfly and Silverlight up and running on your computer, and then learn how to use the Popfly Mashup Creator and Popfly Web Page Creator to share your mashups with the world. Author Eric Griffin will introduce you to Popfly and show you everything you need to start creating your own hybrid web applications.


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Eric Griffin works as a Microsoft consultant. He is based in Atlanta and specializes in Microsoft application development technologies, tools, and platforms. This includes Visual Studio, SQL Server, ASP.NET, C#, Reporting Services, Office, SharePoint Server, and more.
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