Japanese Online Distance Education: Learners' Perspectives

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Mai 2008



Cross-border educational contacts facilitated by online distance education are becoming increasingly common, and there is a need for greater understanding of the perspectives of non-western students in order to avoid projecting false stereotypes onto them or ignoring important differences. This mixed methods questionnaire study (N=424) was designed to develop a comprehensive description of the opinions and learning preferences of a group of learners where knowledge is lacking: Japanese online distance learners.
In addition, this study provides background information on Japanese higher education and Japanese distance learning, and reviews the available research on Japanese learners. There is also discussion of distance learning concepts and theories, e.g. Interaction and Transactional Distance, instrumental in the questionnaire design process. Those with interests in Japan, Japanese Education and Distance Learning will appreciate reading this study.


Eric Bray, Ph.D. Educational Studies - University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Professor of English at Yokkaichi University, Japan.
Has taught English in Japan for 20 years and Elementary Education in Mexico and the USA for 5 years. Interests include the use of information technology to increase educational effectiveness and opportunity.
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